SAT student (female)enroll now

Thanks for your interest in SAT MASTER STRATEGIES or ACT MASTER STRATEGIES live seminars.  Before enrolling students, I always conduct a brief phone interview to discuss each student’s past SAT or ACT experiences to see where we need to focus. After this brief conversation, I’ll be happy to reserve a spot in one of my upcoming classes.  To schedule an interview, please contact me at or at 704-266-0288.

Payment Options

For payment, you can PAY ONLINE via credit card by clicking HERE.  Alternatively, students can bring a check to the first class made out to “Benthall Test Prep” for the full tuition ($895 per student, minus any discounts).   

Referral Discount

Feel free to forward either of the class flyers (in-person or online) to any students, parents, or guidance counselors who may be interested. I’ll be happy to give you a $100 referral discount for each student who enrolls as a result of your contact.