Improving Your SAT Writing Score

Where To Start Improving Your SAT Writing Score

Have you already taken the SAT test and noticed that you didn’t score as well as you would have liked on the writing portion? If so, getting the kind of improvement and overall score that you are looking for is easy with a little bit of direction, focus, and an understanding of what the test is asking of you. The best way to achieve that is with some help from an experienced program that has a proven track record in helping people just like you get the kind of improvement that you are looking for the next time that you take the SAT test. Benthall Test Prep, located at 125 W Tremont Ave Charlotte, North Carolina 28203, is focused on doing just that with a comprehensive SAT Mastery Program that is designed to help you boost your test scores. To learn more about our program and the services that we offer, simply read below and contact us to learn about all of the ways that we can help you improve your SAT writing score today

Know and Understand What is Being Assessed

According to the College Board, the Writing and Language section of the SAT test measures your skills in five core areas. These include: 1) The Command of Evidence portion where you will be tasked with improving the ways in which passages presented to you develop information and convey ideas. 2) The Words in Context portion assesses your vocabulary through the improvement of word choices according to a passage’s tone or style. 3) The Analysis in History/Social Studies and Science portion is where you will read passages about topics that can range from history to social studies to science and be required to make editorial decisions that improve them. 4) The Expression of Ideas section will present you with questions that are designed to measure your skills in the area of written ideas, structural changes to passages, and how a passage’s structure contributes to its impact. 5) In the Standard English Conventions portion, you will focus on sentence structure, punctuation, and grammatical conventions.


Get to Know Grammar and How it is Used

For the purposes of the writing test on the SAT exam, there are several areas of grammar that should be known and understood in order to achieve a passing score. Among these are punctuation, sentence structure, conventional expression, subject-verb agreement, and possessives, just to name a few that are likely to be found on the test. When it comes to grammar, the more that you know in terms of basic principles and how they are applied will help you reduce the overall time spent on your test and give you more time to review, and the easier the answers will come to you. This will help increase your confidence and directly relate to the improvement of your SAT writing scorem, as well as the overall score of your SAT test.

Understanding Time Management

There are four passages and 44 multiple-choice questions, and you’ll only have 35 minutes to complete them. Each of the passages is 400-450 words long, and you should aim to complete every passage and its questions with a few minutes remaining so that you can review your work. You should spend eight minutes on each passage, leaving yourself three minutes to review at the end. After two passages, check the time. You should have just about 20 minutes remaining if you’re staying on pace. When it comes time to review your previously answered questions, oftentimes, your first gut feeling is the right answer, and making major changes to your already answered questions can majorly affect your overall score in a negative manner.

Understanding and Improving on Areas of Weakness

Coming to the understanding that we all have areas of weakness when it comes to an area of understanding is a big step. This is especially true when it comes to studying for and seeking to improve your SAT Writing score. When focusing on areas of weakness, spend most of your time focusing on high-level weaknesses where you can make the most amount of impact in the least amount of time. This will leave you the most amount of time to focus on other areas of the test where you may need work as well. When you are taking practice tests and answering practice questions, it is important to mark every question you’re unsure about so that you can later go back to it and determine without a doubt what the correct answer is and why. After this, you need to work on marking the process of how you came to that conclusion to memory. Another proven method is to review every question you marked during this process and every wrong answer that you had on a particular test. Finally, writing down the basic focus and what is being asked in a question and why you got the question wrong will help you commit that lesson to memory and avoid making that same mistake again.

Confidence is Key

When taking the SAT test, or any test for that matter, confidence is key. The same can be said when it comes to improving your SAT writing score. After all, you have done all of the legwork, studying, and learning that is required to improve your score, and now all that is left to do is to do it. After you get a good night’s sleep, simply start off test day with a nutritious breakfast that gives your body and your mind the fuel that it needs to help you perform your best on the SAT test. Once you get to the test, don’t let anxiety and insecurity get the best of you. When it comes to the writing portion of the test, you know what is expected both in terms of what is being assessed and how it will be presented on the test itself. That means that no matter what the day throws at you, you are ready and have put yourself in the best position possible to succeed.