Here's what students are saying about Benthall Test Prep

“Hi Dr. B. – I just received my August SAT scores and am so excited to have gotten a 1530, with an 800 on Math and a 730 on Reading/Writing! This was a 150 point increase from my original score, and I am so grateful for all of your tips and study skills. Thank you again.” (Charlotte Latin High School Student, August 2019)

“Good morning, Dr. Benthall! — I just received my ACT scores. I took your SAT prep class earlier this year. I came to you with a starting score of a 24 on the ACT, which equates to an 1180 on the SAT. After your first class, I made a 1320 on the SAT which was a 140 point increase! After I audited your class a second time, I decided to take both the SAT and ACT. On the SAT, I made a 1360 and a 32 on the ACT, which equates to a 1430 on the SAT! That means I had an equated SAT score increase of 250 points and a total ACT score increase of 8 points! I used everything you taught me in the SAT class and applied it to the ACT. The time management skills worked phenomenally well. I had extra time on almost every test section. Thank you so much for everything you taught me! I am eternally grateful!”(Caroline K., Rutherford Early College High, July 2019)

“Hi Al — Hope all is going well! Hunter received his ACT scores a few weeks ago (when the state conducted the test back in February). He made a 34! He scored a 35 in math, and 34s in everything except English, which was a 31 (no problem). This gives him an equated SAT score of 1500 for a 130 point increase over his PSAT score (or 4 point increase over his equated PACT score). He said that even though the test was different, he used a lot of the strategies that he learned from your SAT class. It helped him relax and focus. He’s done with this kind of test now, lol. Thanks again for all your hard work with these kids. He truly appreciated taking your class and got a lot out of it. We wish you the very best!” (Kelly K., mother of Hunter K., Providence High, May 2019)”

“Hi Dr. Benthall! I was recently in your SAT prep class for the March SAT. Just wanted to let you know my score went up 230 points — that’s even higher than my practice SAT we took in class! Thank you so much for everything! I’ve already referred three friends!” (Lindsay O., South Mecklenburg High, March 2019)

”Hi Dr. Benthall – When I initially took the PSAT I did not do so well. All through high school, I did very well, I always had straight A’s and took all AP and honors courses. I also competed in mock trial, sports, and many extracurricular activities including flight school. I was a very busy student and had little to no time to effectively prepare myself for the SAT. After enrolling into your prep course I felt a lot better about the SAT and tests in general. I managed to increase my score by 580 points. Thank you for all of your help, I would definitely recommend your course to anyone looking to increase their SAT/ACT scores.” (Taylor S., George Mason High, December 2018)

“Dr. Benthall’s class helped me simplify the ACT by using strategies that are easy to understand. As a result, my composite score increased from a 28 to a 33!! My most dramatic score increase occurred on the science section where I increased my score from a 26 to a 34. Previously thought to be a very confusing “mathy” section, we broke it down as a class realizing that it was simple reading with limited science questions. For the English section, we practiced one or two new concepts each week helping me increase my score from a 28 to a 35. The reading section has always been the hardest for me, but Dr. Benthall’s smart reading strategies and weekly practice helped me raise my score from a 27 to a 30. By drilling many math problems each week and recording the types of problems missed in our learning logs, every student saw their math scores steadily increase with mine going from a 29 to a 32. Without this class I never would have been able to improve my score 5 points! Thank you!” (Alexander D., Charlotte Latin High School, April 2018)

“Dr. Benthall – We recently received our ACT scores from the Feb. test and wanted to pass them on to you. According to my records, Cole started with an SAT score of 1170. If we check the SAT/ACT concordance, his new ACT score of 32 equates conservatively to 1450, giving him a 280 point increase over his previous SAT scores. Likewise, Lauren started with a 1260 on the SAT, and her new ACT score of 32 gives her a total increase of 190 points over her original SAT score before taking your class. Thank you so much for helping them raise their results! We couldn’t have done this without your help, strategies, and guidance.” (Mark S., father of Cole and Lauren S., Charlotte Catholic High, February 2016)
***UPDATE: “Dr Al, I wanted to update you with the college decisions for our twins since it is getting close to the May 1st deadline. Our son is headed to UNC Chapel Hill and our daughter is going to Boston College. It has been a long journey through the college app process. Your help in prepping them for the ACT provided a major benefit for us. We couldn’t have these opportunities without your service. Thank you so much!” (April 2018)

“As a result of Dr. Benthall’s class, my ACT score increased by 7 points!!! His class immensely improved my test-taking skills by providing strategies to make me as fast, efficient, and accurate as possible. I highly recommend this class to anyone aspiring to improve their test scores!” (Chandler J., Piedmont High, NC, July 2017)

“Hey Dr. Benthall — I enrolled in your SAT preparation course last year, and since then, I have taken both the SAT and ACT twice. After receiving my SAT score from the August 2017 test, I felt obligated to email you and thank you for your help with my scores. The first time I took the SAT, earned a 1330, with a 660 in Reading/Writing and a 670 in Math for a total increase of 120 points. Today, I learned that I got a 1390 on the SAT from two weeks ago, with a 700 in Reading/Writing and a 690 in Math for a total increase of 180 points. In addition, I just received the results from my September ACT, on which I scored a 33. According to the ACT/SAT concordance, a 33 on the ACT equates to a 1460 on the SAT, effectively giving me another 70 point gain for a total of 250 points over my initial SAT score. Thank you for helping me to improve on my testing skills and giving me the resources to help practice and re-teach myself.” (Andrew H., Forestview High School, NC, August 2017)

“Dr. Benthall — I took your SAT prep class in September of 2016 in preparation for the October SAT. I initially got a 1220, which was a 110 point increase over my PSAT scores. Because I was still not fully satisfied with my scores, I decided to go back to the skills you taught me and prep for the June SAT.  I read over your book and did multiple practice tests using your skills. I’m thrilled to say I increased my total score by another 170 points for total increase of 280 points! I earned a 740 in Critical Reading and Writing and a 650 in Math. A 1390! I am so pleased! My goal was to break 1300 and I exceeded my goal. My first choice for college is UNC Chapel Hill and hopefully with that score and a great application I will be accepted. Thank you so much for all of your help!”  (Emma B., Ardrey Kell High, Charlotte NC, June 2017)

“Hi Dr. Benthall — I just got my scores from the New SAT (June 2016) and wanted to tell you the good news. I got 720 in Reading/Writing and a 790 in Math for a total of 1510. This is an increase of 200 points from my PSAT this past year (110 points in Reading/Writing and 90 points in Math). Thank you for all your help, and the strategies you taught so I could get this score. I am very happy with this score. Thank you!” (Nikolaus Y., Lake Norman Charter, NC, June 2016)

“Hi Dr. B — I finally got my SAT scores from the June 2016 test, and my Reading/Writing score alone jumped 220 points! Thanks for all your help!” (Parker T., South Point High School, NC, June 2016)

“Dear Dr. Benthall, we got Caylie’s SAT scores today and we are so pleased!  She increased her score by 330 points!!  We can’t believe her writing score of 730 and she got a perfect score of 12 on her essay!  WOW!  We are so proud of her!   That just goes to show you how helpful your prep class was for her her!  THANK YOU!!!!!!  We feel so blessed to have found you!  I will be sending lots of folks your way so look out!     Thank you again.  You are an amazing teacher!” (Julie C., mother of Caylie C., Ardrey Kell High, NC, May 2014)
***UPDATE: “Caylie took the SAT again in January 2015, and once more in December 2015.  Her superscore is now as follows: Critical Reading – 630, Math – 740, and Writing – 750, for a total of 2120.  That’s a 490 point increase over her SAT before she began working with you. We can’t thank you enough for EVERYTHING you taught her.  Each time she took the test, she applied everything she learned from you. We believe in your program!”

“Hi Dr. B. – I just got my scores from the December SAT.  I scored a 2320, a 270 point increase over my first SAT and a 50 point bump from the  October test. Super happy – great Christmas gift!  Thanks for your help!” (Caroline P., Ardrey Kell High, NC, December 2015)

“Hi Dr. B!— I’m sorry this is such late notice but I wanted to let you know how well I did on my second SATs that I took in December! My critical reading jumped 110 points since my first SAT to a 740, my math went up 60 points to a 750, and my writing jumped 110 points to a perfect 800 (and an 11 on my essay)!! I never thought it would be possible to reach a 2290, but your classes helped me achieve my goals! Thank you so much, I will definitely be recommending this class to anyone who needs it!! You’re the best!!” (Laura H., Charlotte Catholic High School, NC, December 2015)

“Dr. Benthall, your classes were amazing!!! I thought that I had gone as far as I could with my SAT scores, but your classes helped me go even further! My Critical Reading Score jumped 120 points to a perfect score of 800 and I reached my target score of 2300!!! I will definitely recommend this class to my friends — it was so helpful!! Thank you for everything!!” (Grace M., Charlotte, NC, November 2012)

“Hi Dr. Benthall!!  — I got my scores back today and I am elated!  I got a 2090 composite and my subject scores were: Reading – 650,  Math – 710, Writing – 730, and Essay – 11, for a total increase of 340 points over my PSAT.  Thank you so much for all your help, I could not have done it without you!” (Anna W., Ardrey Kell High, NC, December 2015).

“Good Evening Dr. Benthall — I just wanted to inform you about what I got on the SAT: Critical Reading – 710, Math – 710, Writing – 800, Essay – 11 (Total: 2220) for a total increase of 310 points over my previous SAT score. Thank you so much Dr. Benthall, you were such a great help and I am so happy to have gotten what I did thanks to your help. I was especially happy with my essay and am ever so grateful for your essay writing strategy.” (Aayush P., Ardrey Kell High, NC, December 2015)

“Dear Dr. Al — I know this is early in the morning but I can’t thank you enough for helping me on the June SAT. I got a 2120!! My score went up 150 points!!! The breakdown was a 760 in math again, a 630 in reading (40 point increase) and a 730 in writing (110 point increase).  Thank you so much for helping me every weekend during May. I now feel confident applying to UNC with this score. Thanks again.” (Sean W., Hough High, NC, June 2015)
“Dear Dr. Benthall — I’d just like to let you know I made a 2160 on my SAT in June. I made a 690 in Critical Reading, a 740 in Math, and a 730 in Writing with an 11 on my Essay. That’s a 260 point increase over my previous SAT. Thanks so much for your help!!” (Dylan R., Hickory Grove Christian, NC, June 2014)

“Thank you for everything you did for Grant! He went up 150 points and was 1 point away from a perfect score on essay!!!! I tell everyone to go to you for SAT prep! He is now in Germany enjoying his senior year as an exchange student. Thank you so much.” (Valerie S., Mother of Grant S., Ashbrook High School, NC, September 2013)

“Hi, Dr. B.!!! I just wanted to let you know that my scores went up on every section of the SAT! I am very excited by this! I scored a 700 on critical reading, a 600 on the math section, and a 660 on the writing section (my essay received an 11!). I increased by 50 points on the reading, 30 points on math, and 30 points on the writing section. That’s a total of 110 points! Thank you for everything!!” (Kelsey M., Forest View High School, NC, October 2011)

“Hi Dr. B. I just scored a 2010 total on the SAT: Reading 680, Math 640, and Writing 690, for a total of 210 points gained! I also scored a 10 out of 12 on my SAT Essay. Thanks again for all your help!” (Clare C., Charlotte Catholic High School, NC, February 2011)

“Hi Dr. Benthall – I just received my new SAT scores today. Overall I came up over 200 points! Thank you for all of your help!” (Jeremy W., Gaston Day School, NC, October 2010)

“Hey Dr. B. — Just thought I’d report my new SAT scores. My score went up from a 1990 to a 2200 for a 210 point increase! Critical reading went from 710 to 740, writing went from 630 to 730, and math went from 650 to 730. My essay score was a 9, up from 6 in all my previous attempts. Thanks for the great class! I’ll surely recommend it to others, and you’ll likely see my younger siblings some time in the future.”   (Jake R., Gaston Christian High, NC, December 2013)

“Dr. Benthall’s class really helped me prepare for the SAT and ACT. I learned strategies to best use time (I’m a slow test taker) and dissect the reading passages which helped me better understand what the question was looking for and to efficiently analyze the correct answers, avoiding curveballs the tests throw. I did the practice he recommended to succeed and this was a big help in preparing. I went from the equivalent of a 26 ACT to a 32 ACT or from 1250 PSAT to a 1430 SAT. This has opened scholarship opportunities for me at various flagship and private colleges. Well worth the cost of the course and the six-week time investment. He is also super nice and very responsive to questions.” (Patrick N., Cuthbertson High, September 2018)

“Dr. Benthall is definitely the best English teacher I have ever had. Not only have I increased my SAT scores by 250 points but the skills I’ve learned will continue to help me throughout high school and college.” (Ben J., Weddington High, September 2018)

“I want to thank Dr. Benthall for helping my daughter prepare for the ACT/SAT. You were so instrumental in helping her get the scores she needed. We both know that this was no easy task for my daughter. She initially started with the ACT which proved to be difficult to get the scores she needed. It wasn’t because she couldn’t get it (she passed the practice test that Dr. Benthall gave at the end of the ACT prep course) however due to her ADHD/high anxiety when it comes to taking test she could not focus properly. Because she isn’t easily defeated she decided to take the SAT prep course with Dr. Benthall. He not only let her take the prep course (the class had already started by time we decided to take the course) but he worked with us financially. Dr. Benthall gave my daughter extra practice tests and anytime she had a question he responded almost immediately. He encouraged her and gave her tips on how to calm her anxiety down when testing. She took the SAT one time and received the scores she needed to apply to the two schools she always dreamed of going. I am proud to report that she received a full academic AND room/board scholarship to East Carolina University. Also, she got accepted to the Study Abroad program and the Pre-Nursing program. She will be studying in Italy in January for 4 months!!!! Thank you Dr. Benthall for helping my daughter get to her next level. You are truly amazing and gifted. We appreciate all you have done!” (Tamika P., mother of Jalia R., Mallard Creek High, June 2018)

“Hi Dr. Benthall — I wanted to let you know the results of Emily’s SAT taken on August 26. They are as follows: R/W: 710, Math: 690, Total: 1400, Essay 7/7/7. That’s a 310 point increase over her PSAT score, so, to say the least, we are thrilled. Thank you for helping Emily achieve her high goals!” (Angie P., mother of Emily P., Cox Mill High, NC, August 2017). 

“Hi Dr. Benthall – Wanted to let you know that Evelyn got a 1550 on the SAT – up 250 points from her PSAT score of 1300.  Much of that was due to your class. Thank you so much. When Evelyn told her friend the score, her friend said, ‘I gotta take that class!’  So we will help spread the word.  And Evelyn has a younger brother so you will see him at some point down the road as well!”  (Cara P., Mother of Evelyn P., Charlotte Latin High School, NC, November 2017)

“Hi Dr. Benthall – It’s Betseat! College Board just released my scores this morning. I’m happy to say that I got a 1350! I was aiming for a little higher, but I went back to see my January scores and I had an 1140. I made a 210 point increase! Thank you so much for all the test prep and I couldn’t have done it without you!”  (Betseat T., Myers Park High, Charlotte NC, June 2017)

“Hi Dr. Benthall – I am very excited to report that I scored a 1330 on the SAT! The breakdown was 710 reading and 620 math for a 240 point increase over my previous scores. I am very happy with the results as my score improved greatly! Thank you for all the help.” (Emily M., Ardrey Kell High, NC, August 2017)

“Hey Dr. Benthall – I received my January (2017) SAT Score on Thursday and I thought I should let you know. Reading/Writing: 660 (150 point increase); Math: 640 (100 point increase); Overall Score: 1300 (250 point increase). Thank you so much for helping me through your techniques and disciplining me to complete my homework. If it were not for your class I would not have improved so much!” (Sarah B., Ardrey Kell High, NC, January 2017)

“Dr. Benthall — I recently received my SAT scores from the March SAT (2016) and got a 150 point increase from my last SAT! Although Reading use to be my weakest point, I was able to get a perfect Reading sub score by using your strategies which greatly improved my speed and concentration. Thank you so much for your help!” (Sneha M., Ardrey Kell High School, NC, April 2016)

“Hello Dr. B. — Ashley took the ACT last month and scored 34 out of 36, rising 11 points from the 23 she started with (converted from the SAT score of 1150). I strongly believe your course helped her achieve this wonderful score. Thank you so very much.”  (Lyn P., mother of Ashley P., Ardrey Kell High, NC, September 2016)

“Dear Dr. Benthall — I just received my scores from the most recent ACT. My composite was 31: English 31 (up 3 points), Math 30 (up 5 points), Reading 32 (up 1 point) and Science 29 (up 3 points), and Writing 10.   Thank you for all of you help! I am so pleased with my score and will definitely be recommending your program!” (Annie E., Davidson Day School, Davidson, NC, October 2016)

“Hey Dr. Benthall — As you know, SAT scores were released last week. I think you’ll be as happy with my scores as I was: Reading – 750, Math – 800, Writing – 660, for a total increase of 230 points on my SAT super score. Overall, I was thrilled with my scores. My 2 part score couldn’t have been much better (1550), and I definitely attribute my perfect Math score to locating and studying the questions I missed most often using your Math videos in the days leading up to the SAT.  I plan to take the SAT once more in January and only prep for Writing (a lot). My goal is to bring my score up to a 2300 (750 writing), and I am confident I will get there. Thank you so much for all the help and I am so excited about my scores.”  (Jake S., Charlotte Catholic High School, NC, October 2015)
***UPDATE: Hey Dr. Benthall! — Just wanted to share some good news with you. I got into Duke early decision in the fall and, after a long application process, became a Robertson Scholar at Duke too. This program carries a lot of perks with it, but foremost it gives me a full ride. I know my success on the SAT helped a ton – thank you! Your course more than paid for itself.  Best, Jake

“Hey Dr. Benthall — I got my scores back and was very pleased. My scores were as follows: Math: 800 (up 90 points); Writing: 730 (up 100 points and an improvement from 8 to 10 on the essay)  I knew that my reading score would not be as high as it should be (630: stayed the same.) Because of the SAT misprint, I didn’t finish one of the Reading sections.  However, College Board decided to waive the fees for the October SAT for those impacted by the misprint, so I will take it again and really focus hard on the reading.  Thank you so much for all of your help; my parents and I were both very happy, especially with the math and essay. Your drop box questions dealing with combinatorics, prime factorization, and fractional exponents allowed me to get over the hump and successfully complete the more challenging math problems. Because of your class, I achieved my goal score of 2100, so now I am eligible to apply for multiple scholarships for which that is the minimum and also for honors colleges and honors programs, particularly at UGA and UF Gainesville. I am at Gov. School for the next two weeks, but when I return, I will be talking to my parents about your upcoming ACT class and will then be in touch with you. Thank you so much!” (Solomon C., Ashbrook High, NC, June 2015)

“Hi Dr. B. — I thought you’d be interested to hear Amos’ SAT scores. 1st SAT (before your course): Reading – 570; Math – 600; Writing – 570; Total – 1740.  2nd SAT (June 6th): Reading – 680; Math – 690; Writing – 650; Total – 2020, for an increase of 280 points!  Wow!!! Thank you. Your course really made a difference. Amos was pleased (secretly, he wanted to make 700 on math, but he has no room to complain!) and said that your course was especially significant in helping him increase his reading and writing scores. Again, I really appreciate your support and patience in working with both our children. Hope you have a good rest of the summer. Thanks so much.” (Mary Lynn S, Mother of Amos S., Charlotte Country Day, NC, June 2015)

“Dear Dr. Benthall — My brother and I recently received our SAT scores and I got a composite score of 2190! Here are my scores with the following increases from my PSAT scores from last year: Critical Reading – 690 (60 point increase), Math – 800 (100 point increase), Writing – 700 (140 point increase). A 300 point total increase! Evann received a composite score of 2120! Here are Evann’s scores. Critical Reading- 740 (180 point increase), Math – 680 (70 point increase), Writing – 700 (90 point increase). That’s a 340 point increase from his PSAT scores! Thank you for all your help on the SAT. Your method for writing essays was a big help! The dropbox videos helped us understand the questions we got wrong on the Critical Reading and Math practice. You did an amazing job at tutoring us and teaching us your strategies. We will make sure to recommend your class to our friends and family!” (Ethan and Evann W., Highland School of Technology, NC, December 2014)

“Dear Dr. Benthall — I thought I would let you know that Kayla found out last Friday that she was accepted to NC State as a Biology major with a pre-vet focus.  This was her first choice for a school and a program.  I’m sure that raising her SAT score 200 points after taking your class this fall helped significantly.  Many thanks!”  (Karen M., mother of Kayla M., Hickory Ridge High, NC, December 2013)

“Dr. Benthall — Emily just received her ACT scores. Her English increased from 22 to 30; her Reading increased from 25 to 34; and her Essay increased from 6 to 10. We are very pleased with the results of your prep course and wish we had known about it sooner in the process. Please feel free to use us as a reference — we would highly recommend your program!” (John K., father of Emily K., Nations Ford High School, Fort Mill, SC.October, 2013)

“Dear Dr. Benthall — I just received my SAT scores! My point gains are as follows: Critical Reading: 90 point increase, Math: 120 point increase, Writing: 130 point increase. Overall, I had a 340 point increase! Thank you so much for all your help! Your tips on the Critical Reading section really helped improve my speed and efficiency. Reviewing grammar rules and your examples really helped me understand the Writing section better which will also help me in my AP English class! I’m so glad I took your class and I will definitely recommend my friends to you!” (Ashley M., South Point High School, NC, March 2012)

“Dear Dr. Benthall — I have recently taken the SAT and my overall score was 2320!  On the Writing section, I received a perfect score of 800, up 130 points!  On the Reading section, I received a 760, giving me a 200 point increase over my previous Reading score.  That’s a total of 330 points on Reading and Writing alone.  I could not have done this well without your guidance! Thank you!” (Sravya U., Charlotte, NC, December 2012)

“Hi Dr. Benthall — My ACT scores just came in. In English, I jumped from 19 to 28, and on Reading my score rose from 25 to 32. Thanks again for all your help.” (Ashlee D., South Point High School, NC, June 2011)

“Dear Dr. Benthall, I just received my SAT results online. I did really well for the first time taking it. I received a 600 on Critical Reading, a 550 on Math, and a 640 on Writing. My total score rose 150 points over my PSAT. Your assistance helped me on the writing, critical reading, and essay parts. I am hoping to do even better the next time I take it. Thank you for the tips and assistance.” (Ian O., Gaston Day School, NC, February 2011)

“As I approached the SAT, I didn’t have a concrete approach as to how I would achieve my highest score. With Dr. Benthall’s help, I achieved my target scores and gained admission into my first-choice college. Dr. Benthall’s guidance in reading, grammar, and writing not only benefited me on the SAT, but helped lay a foundation for college and beyond. The work I did with Dr. Benthall and the personal interest he showed during each tutoring session really made the SAT learning experience enjoyable and positive.” (Robyn B., SAT Student, Gaithersburg, MD, June 2009)