Mastering The SAT V3

How To Prepare For the SAT

When the time comes for you to start preparing to take the SAT, whether you are taking it for the first time or a subsequent time, deciding whether or not to make use of an SAT prep program is a big decision. After all, there are many different things to consider when it comes to whether or not this is the right choice for you. For those who do decide to make use of a test prep program or service, choosing the right one is just as important as deciding whether to use it at all.

At Benthall Test Prep, we’ve seen many students improve their SAT scores by an average of 217 points. These gains are achieved through a combination of practice tests, strategic training, and breakdowns of study materials. Through this training and practice you can improve your test scores whether it’s your first, second, or third time.

Start With Knowing and Understanding Your Goals

Many universities require a minimum SAT score for admission, which leads some students to ask what minimal amount of work they can do to achieve the goal of attending that university. Improved SAT scores, however, may offer additional opportunities such as scholarships or better placements. Being aware of both your minimal outcome and your exceptional outcome can give you an understanding of how much effort you will want to put in. As you may expect, great things come to those who study hard, study effectively, and improve their SAT scores.

Why Multiple Practice Tests Are Effective

Walking into the unknown can be difficult. Walking into a test that will define the next four years of your life can be even more difficult. To help overcome this fear of the unknown, many students take the SAT multiple times with no prep, which can lead to slight score improvements. Students who train with Benthall Test Prep, however, score an average of 217 points higher. This significant improvement comes from a combination of strategy and training. With multiple practice tests, you gain insight on what you’ve gotten wrong, as well has how to get the right answer next time. This process leads to a better understanding of the material, as well as unshakable confidence for your next big test.

How Long is the Benthall Test Prep Online Program?

Our recommended strategy involves six weeks of online training to be better prepared for the SAT. This approach gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace, and to dive deep into the material to get the most out of it. Some individuals will go through the material only once, while others will multiple go through the course multiple times. Some will complete the course in a couple of weeks, while others will take their time, spending eight weeks or more studying here and there. However you approach it, the material is available for you at any time, and you can study at your own pace.

Are You Ready to Begin?

Improving your SAT score can have a positive impact on your acceptance rates and scholarship potential. By using the Benthall Test Prep program you can improve scores by an average of 217 points and position yourself for the best admissions and scholarship opportunities. The program also provides a year membership, which means that you can prepare for this SAT as well as later retakes. Start practicing for your SAT with Benthall Test Prep today!