SAT Tutoring Vs. Online Training

If you’re like many juniors, seniors, and non-traditional students across the country who are thinking about tutoring to prepare you for the SAT, then doing the legwork to learn about which method is most applicable to your life and learning style is a must. This legwork is necessary because when it comes to test prep courses, there is no one-style-fits-all and a certain amount of customization is required to achieve the results you need to get into your dream college. With the right program, the right supporting staff, and the right attitude, you can easily achieve great results on all areas of the SAT. To learn more about the programs and services we have to offer, contact Benthall Test Prep and get started down the path of SAT mastery with us today.

Choosing an Option That Fits Your Life

It’s true that no one style fits all when it comes to SAT prep courses, and that’s a good thing. Everyone is different, and there are several options out there that allow you the freedom to choose which one fits your life and learning style better. Some people want the freedom to choose where and when they receive instruction, making online video training the perfect fit for them. Others benefit more from live in-person tutoring, but this option requires them to commit extra time and effort commuting to and from the classroom location. We all have busy lives, which makes it crucial to do the research and choose which program is the best fit for you. Either way, Benthall Test Prep offers you an SAT prep course designed to fit your lifestyle.

The Freedom to Decide Where and When to Train

One of the biggest differences between live in-person tutoring and online video training is the way in which you learn. With online video training, the setting, time, duration, and subject matter is left in your hands. For some people, this freedom is the most important factor. However, if you are not committed to the process, you can be in for a rude awakening when your final results arrive. By contrast, live in-person tutoring is based on the instructor’s published agenda, as well as set meeting places and times, which requires a commitment from you to attend the classes. Knowing how much freedom vs. how much structure you need should be a major factor in deciding which SAT prep program is right for you.

A More Affordable Way to Get The Help You Need

While online and in-person SAT tutoring each have their own benefits, knowing which one fits your budget is equally important. Most test prep companies charge less for online video courses since they require less of the instructor’s attention, owing to the fact that the content has already been recorded and published in video form on the course website. While the instructor is available for questions, clarifications, and support, communication mostly occurs through online messaging. For in-person SAT tutoring, costs are higher due to the need for the instructor’s presence, which allows more precise feedback in all areas of your SAT prep experience. In addition to the course fees, you should also consider the cost of commuting to and from the course site on a regular basis. If you live close to where the course is being held, this can be a minor consideration, but for those with long commutes, the cost in time and gas money has to be taken into account.

The Ability to Customize Your Learning Experience

Along with the freedom to choose when and where you learn with an online SAT prep course, you also have the ability to customize your learning experience by choosing how long you study and what you study. This freedom helps address the challenge areas you have identified on previous tests and gives you the ability to turn these areas of high need into strengths. By contrast, the in-person SAT tutoring experience guides you more explicitly through the material from one focus area to another. If you like hands-on guidance on a weekly basis, the live in-person seminar may be the better option for you.

Real-time Tracking of Results for Practice Tests

If you prefer real-time tracking of the results on your practice test so that you can make changes to how you study and what you focus on, the online training is a great option for you. While this allows you to take multiple practice tests as time and circumstances permit, the interpretation of your results and how to best make use of lessons learned is largely on you. When you choose in-person SAT tutoring, your instructor will be able to give you additional feedback in breaking down your results and improving your performance on the next practice test. If you are an instant feedback kind of person, online video training might be the right option for you. If you are more concerned with in-depth feedback but are willing to wait, in-person tutoring may be the better choice.

The Best Fit for In-person Tutoring

If you are leaning toward the path of in-person SAT tutoring but wonder if it is likely to give you the kind of results you desire, here is a snapshot of the ideal in-person candidate. For students who require extra focus or additional guidance, this option is great insofar as the presence of an authority figure in the classroom helps them stay on target and get things done. If you are unsure of your current abilities and are looking to learn alongside like-minded students, you will do well in the classroom environment, since your fellow classmates will offer you additional support and inspiration. Furthermore, if you like asking questions and receiving answers in real time, the in-person option may be better for you. In addition, if you have little to no experience with or limited access to online technology, you will definitely benefit from the classroom method of delivery. Finally, if you are easily distracted by online learning, or if you have a learning disability that makes online coursework difficult or impossible, a live in-person SAT tutoring program will likely be the best fit for you.

The Best Fit for Online Video Training

In deciding whether online video training is the right option for you, consider how you would prefer to receive your lessons and engage with the material. If your busy life makes it impossible to commit to a single time and location each week, or if you prefer to learn at your own pace, this may be the right option for you. Online video training gives you the freedom to learn where and when you want and is perfect for busy student athletes, non-traditional students, or busy high school students just starting to think about taking the SAT for the very first time.

Is There a Right Choice?

The correct answer to this question is most definitely no. That is because there is no magic equation that makes one more effective than the other, and that is because everyone learns differently and at different speeds. While online training might be the right choice for one person, it could be the wrong choice for another. Doing your homework and understanding your specific needs and what they mean in regards to properly and effectively preparing to take the SAT is your surefire method to get the results that you are looking for and ensuring that the money that you are choosing to invest in your future is well spent. If you have questions about either method of test preparation or want to learn more about the services that we have to offer, simply contact Benthall Test Prep today. We promise that you will be glad that you did when your SAT scores come back after completing one of our programs.