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Average SAT score increases of 217 points. Average ACT score increases of 4.5 points. In only six weeks. How is this possible? Our unique strategies and recursive training methods help you diagnose weaknesses and eliminate them quickly. That's how you'll get maximum results in minimal time.

Experience matters.

With a PhD from UNC Chapel Hill and over 10 years of experience in SAT and ACT prep, Dr. Al Benthall has trained well over two thousand students using eye-opening strategies and hundreds of official practice questions.

290 point SAT increase

"Hello Dr. Benthall -- I'm happy to report that my most recent SAT resulted in a 1520 for a 290-point increase over my previous score. I’m also happy to say that I got into UNC, where I’ll be enrolling this fall on the pre-med track. While I hoped to make a 1500+ score on the SAT, I ended up gaining something much more valuable. I learned how to study, a skill that I’ve realized my counterparts have yet to discover. It’s because of excellent teachers and mentors like you that I am the student I am today. So, in case you haven’t heard it enough, Thank You!”

Neyha B.
Weddington High School
April 2021

Perfect ACT Score of 36

“Dr. Benthall -- Happy to share that Anish got a perfect score of 36 on his ACT. With your guidance, he was able to ace the test. Reading was his weakness, but with your strategies and support, he was able to increase it from a 27 to 36. He wouldn't have done it without your help. Thank you so much!”
Sirisha K.
Mother of Anish K.
Nation Ford High School
October 2020

260 point SAT increase

“I took Dr. Benthall’s online course “SAT Solved” and improved a ton. When I started, I had a PSAT score of 1210. After taking the course my score is now 1470 – a 260 point increase. His course is well organized and easy to understand. His methods for the reading section are incredible. Overall, choosing Benthall Test Prep was one of the best decisions I ever made!”
Alex N.
Myers Park High School
April 2020

The most comprehensive
and effective test prep.

Some SAT and ACT prep classes give you a general overview of these tests and maybe some information about what you did wrong on questions you miss. And that’s it. BTP classes, however, go beyond basic test prep. Training you to use what you already know, in combination with our exclusive strategies, BTP takes your prep to the next level.

Learn. Practice. Repeat.

But there’s more. BTP also trains you in Dr. Benthall's unique recursive study method that helps you precisely diagnose your weaknesses and eliminate them as you go. You’ll quickly learn to catalog each question you miss and review challenge areas for a custom fit that gets incredible results.

BTP students have been admitted into
some of the best universities in the world.