Like a private tutor.
Unlike any private tutor.

With SAT SOLVED, you get what you need from a private tutor, along with many incredible things you’d never expect from one.

The expertise of a master tutor.
And the convenience of an online course.

SAT SOLVED features Dr. Al Benthall, who has spent thousands of hours tutoring students across the country. All of his strategies, tactics, and skills are covered in detail as he guides you through 75 course modules and 10 SAT Practice Tests.
And all that expertise is at your fingertips in real time as you work on practice questions. SAT SOLVED lets you take your prep material wherever you go and work your prep time into your busy schedule.

260 point SAT increase

“I took Dr. Benthall’s online course 'SAT Solved' and improved a ton. When I started, I had a PSAT score of 1210. After taking the course my score is now 1470 – a 260 point increase. His course is well organized and easy to understand. His methods for the reading section are incredible. Overall, choosing Benthall Test Prep was one of the best decisions I ever made!”
Alex N.
Myers Park High School
April 2020

170 point SAT increase

“My daughter raised her SAT score 170 points and definitely credits Benthall Test Prep's online video course with that increase! The course is easy to navigate and the strategies Dr. Benthall teaches are incredibly helpful for both retaining the information during test prep and recalling that information during the actual test.”
Jen P.
Mother of Alex P.
Mountain Island Charter
*Alex P. beta-tested SAT SOLVED before launch.

The most comprehensive and effective online SAT prep course on the market.

Some online SAT prep classes give you a series of videos offering good advice. And that’s it. SAT SOLVED, however, provides 75 video strategy modules as well as video explanations to 1540 official SAT practice questions (yes, that’s ten official practice SATs). As every student athlete knows, repetitive practice is the key to excellence. Especially on the SAT.

Even more fine-tuned than a private tutor.

SAT SOLVED also does what a private tutor does, but in more flexible ways. Pause, rewind, and fast forward to sections that really matter to you. With the power to fine-tune your test prep experience, you’ll make rapid and dramatic progress.
But there’s more. SAT SOLVED also provides you with our unique recursive training method that helps you precisely diagnose your weaknesses and eliminate them quickly. You can correct each question you miss and review challenge areas for a custom fit that gets maximum results in minimal time.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Because we’re so confident that SAT SOLVED will work for you, Benthall Test Prep offers a no-questions-asked 5-day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. In addition, we’re so confident that your SAT scores will improve that we offer a Score Improvement Guarantee for students whose scores do not increase after they complete the course. Simply email us your official score report from your PSAT, SAT, or an online Practice SAT from the College Board website taken before starting our course, along with your new official SAT score report. If your scores don’t improve, we’ll refund 100% of your money.

Here’s what you’ll cover in

SAT Evidence-Based Reading

Addresses "evidence-based questions" on the redesigned SAT. Also breaks down habitual reading barriers and dramatically increases speed and comprehension through time-tested "smart reading" strategies. In addition, students learn how to recognize and resist "trap answers" as well as how to spot correct answers quickly and efficiently.

SAT Writing and Language

Dispels "grammar-phobia" by breaking down SAT grammar into five major components, allowing students to master the mechanics of Standard Written English. Also covers command of evidence, words in context, data analysis, and expression of ideas.

SAT Math

Breaks down SAT Math problems into basic categories and teaches students key strategies for each, including numeric approximation, basksolving, and strategic guessing. Covers both the "No Calculator" and "Calculator" sections of the Redesigned SAT Math Test.

SAT Essay Writing

Tackles the SAT Essay, which requires textual analysis and critical reasoning based on evidence from a given text, boosting each student's ability to craft a top-scoring essay that contains all the essential components. Also boosts students' ability to write clean, powerful sentences, thereby gaining command of the written word. In addition, students look "behind the scenes" at what really matters to essay test-graders, further enhancing their confidence and competitive edge on the SAT Essay.

Real Conditions Practice SAT

Two weeks before the real SAT, students will take a Real Conditions Practice SAT. This "dress rehearsal" uses authentic SAT testing materials from the College Board and replicates the real testing environment as closely as possible, including time constraints. Using our online videos, students are then able to diagnose and master their final "sticking points" before the real SAT.

Test-Taking Strategies that Build Unshakable Confidence

• Overcoming Test Anxiety
• Psychological Preparation
• Time Management
• Strategic Guessing


Are additional payments required?

No. SAT SOLVED is not a “subscription,” and it doesn’t require any additional purchases. Once you sign up, you’ll have everything you need to get higher test scores, and you’ll never be asked to make another purchase.

What books does your program come with?

The eBook required to use this course, SAT MASTER STRATEGIES, is included with your purchase, and will be available for download via email immediately upon ordering. In addition, you’ll need to order THE OFFICIAL SAT STUDY GUIDE (2020 Edition), published by The College Board. The book is available for purchase on Amazon or at your nearest bookstore.

How long will I have access to this course?

Students have access to SAT SOLVED for one full year after purchase.

Will my progress be saved?

Student progress through the video course is automatically tracked so that you can easily pick up where you left off at any time.

Does your program work for PSAT prep?

All of the prep materials for the SAT can be used to train for the PSAT as well. The PSAT is basically a shorter version of the SAT with no Essay. In all other respects, the tests are the same. SAT SOLVED can therefore be used to prep for the PSAT as well as the SAT. In fact, prepping for real SAT is an excellent way to boost scores on the PSAT. Think of it as running with weights on and then taking the weights off for the actual race.