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Starting SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2024, Dr. Al Benthall will teach a live in-person six-week SAT Prep Class for students taking the DIGITAL SAT on AUGUST 24, 2024. Classes meet on Sundays from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM at 307 W. Tremont Ave. Suite 200, Charlotte, NC, 28203. ***Zoom options available for long distance learning.***

The most comprehensive and
effective SAT prep on the market.

340 point increase
Full ride to UNC

"After taking Dr. Benthall's course, I saw my SAT score increase by 340 points. He is a tried-and-true master of his craft! Through his teachings, he taught me a more effective way of studying, retaining information, and fostering a positive test attitude that made taking the SAT a much more painless experience. I fully recommend Dr. Benthall to anyone wanting to increase their scores and create a more competitive college application."

Ernest J.
Lake Norman Charter High School
August 2022

290 point increase
Pre-med track

"Hello Dr. Benthall -- I'm happy to report that my most recent SAT resulted in a 1520 for a 290-point increase over my previous score. I’m also happy to say that I got into UNC, where I’ll be enrolling this fall on the pre-med track. While I hoped to make a 1500+ score on the SAT, I ended up gaining something much more valuable. I learned how to study, a skill that I’ve realized my counterparts have yet to discover. It’s because of excellent teachers and mentors like you that I am the student I am today. So, in case you haven’t heard it enough, Thank You!”

Neyha B.
Weddington High School
April 2021

380 point increase
First-time test-taker

“Dr. Benthall’s SAT prep course is a great investment if you are looking to increase your scores. I took the course once without ever taking an official SAT and the outcome was incredible. With the help of the rigor of Dr. Benthall’s course and his methods, I was able to increase my PSAT score of 1060 to a 1440 for an increase of 380 points over my PSAT. I pride my SAT score on Dr. Benthall’s course and I am more than grateful for the help he has given me in this challenging process. I have recommended multiple people to Dr. B. and will continue to do so."

Adam S.
Myers Park High School
September 2018

The expertise of a private tutor.
The energy of a small class.

With Dr. Al Benthall’s six-week SAT Master Strategies in-person course, you get what you need from a private tutor, along with many remarkable things you can’t get from one-on-one sessions. With classes capped at ten, you’ll be inspired and motivated by working alongside other energetic students with a common goal. The combined results are incredible.

Powerful in-class training meets versatile online support.

In addition to Dr. Benthall’s in-person sessions, you’ll have online access to video explanations for nearly 700 official SAT practice questions (yes, that’s seven official Practice Digital SATs) as you complete your homework during the week. Like having a personal SAT trainer at your fingertips 24x7.

We don't just tell. We show.

Most SAT prep classes give you information about what you did wrong on questions you miss. And that’s it. SAT Master Strategies, however, goes deeper. Training you to use what you already know, in combination with our exclusive strategies, BTP takes your prep to the next level.

But there’s more. BTP also trains you in Dr. Benthall's unique recursive study method that helps you precisely diagnose your weaknesses and eliminate them as you go. You’ll quickly learn to catalog each question you miss and review challenge areas for a custom fit that gets maximum results in minimal time.

Get started.

SAT Master Strategies Classes
for SUMMER / FALL 2024

Start Date – Jul. 14, 2024
SAT Date – Aug. 24, 2024

Start Date – Aug. 25, 2024
SAT Date – Oct. 5, 2024

Start Date – Sep. 22, 2024
SAT Date – Nov. 2, 2024

Start Date – Oct. 27, 2024
SAT Date – Dec. 7, 2024

100% Money Back Guarantee

Because we’re so confident that SAT MASTER STRATEGIES will work for you, we offer a Score Improvement Guarantee for students whose super scores do not increase after they complete the course in full, including all homework and Practice SAT assignments completed by each class deadline. Simply email us your official score report from your PSAT or SAT taken before starting our course, along with your new official SAT score report. If your super score doesn’t improve, we’ll refund 100% of your money. In addition, students who don't achieve their target scores will be eligible to enroll as refresher students in subsequent courses at 50% off tuition for in-person students and 75% off for Zoom students.

Here’s what you’ll cover in
SAT Master Strategies Class

SAT Reading and Writing

Using the Digital SAT format, shows students how to master comprehension, analysis, reasoning skills, and the ability to locate, evaluate, and integrate information from texts and informational graphics. Also teaches students to identify important words and phrases in context, evaluate texts rhetorically, and make connections between topically related texts. Finally, shows students how to revise texts to improve the effectiveness of written expression and to meet specific rhetorical goals, as well as to conform to core conventions of Standard English sentence structure, usage, and punctuation.

SAT Math

Shows students how to master the four main categories of Digital SAT Math, which include Algebra, Advanced Math, Problem-Solving / Data Analysis, and Geometry / Trigonometry. In addition, teaches students to master in-context ("word") questions that apply math skills and knowledge to science, social studies, or real-world scenarios, along with an understanding of the context, to determine the answer to each.

Real Conditions Practice SAT

Two weeks before the real SAT, students will take a Real Conditions Practice SAT. This "dress rehearsal" uses authentic SAT testing materials from the College Board and replicates the real testing environment as closely as possible, including time constraints. Each student then receives in-person detailed feedback on sticking points and uses our online videos to practice and eliminate these challenge areas before the real SAT.

Test-Taking Strategies that Build Unshakable Confidence

• Overcoming Test Anxiety
• Psychological Preparation
• Time Management
• Strategic Guessing