How to Improve Your SAT Score

Where To Start Improving Your SAT Score

Whether you have taken the SAT exam before or you are just taking it for the first time, knowing how to improve your overall score is key to getting the kind of results that you are looking for. With a little planning and preparation on your end, and the benefit of a structured and proven learning methodology, your success is at hand. To get these kind of results, all it takes is the right program dedicated to achieving that end in as little as six weeks. At Benthall Test Prep, located at 125 W Tremont Ave Charlotte, North Carolina 28203, we give you the tools that you need to master the SAT test and build the confidence to succeed, as well as give you the strategies to blast your scores through the roof.

Choose the Course that Fits Your Lifestyle

It is true that there is no one style of learning that fits everyone when it comes to preparing to take the SAT exam. For some people, the freedom to learn at their own pace through online coursework is the key to success. Still for others, a live course will give them the tools that you need to retain what you learn through guided learning. At Benthall Test Prep, we offer an onsite six-week seminar for students taking the SAT that meet on Sunday evenings and are designed to have you ready and confident of your success prior to taking the SAT test. Our online courses also run six weeks and offer over 50 hours of video that break down the test one piece at a time. Throughout each of these programs, you will have the benefit of the knowledge and experience of Dr. Al Benthall to help you along. When it comes to your success, you are not alone in this endeavor thanks to Benthall Test Prep and the ability to choose the SAT prep program that fits your lifestyle.


Test Prep Direction that Makes Sense

Sometimes when you choose to study for the SAT test on your own, it’s easy to feel lost and wonder which direction that you should be following. At Benthall Test Prep, we break down the test with real world examples that are broken down in a manner that makes sense and gives you the best possible study tools to get the kind of results that you are looking for. Whether you are talking about learning test-taking strategies for math, grammar, spelling, or any of a number of key elements, we can help. So, if you find yourself spinning in circles and looking for some direction when it comes to taking your upcoming SAT test, look no further than the experienced team at Benthall Test Prep, and let us guide you to achieve the kind of scores that you have been dreaming of on the SATs.

Small but Manageable Modules

Understanding the importance in a direction that makes sense is important, but it’s equally as important to present it in a manner that is not overwhelming to anyone looking to take the course. When it comes to ease of information digestion, the format of the course offered from Benthall Test Prep is offered in a manner designed to give you the time to digest what you learn, provide opportunities for repetition, and the application of learned knowledge and strategies, and it is broken down into small but manageable modules. With modules and lessons broken down into several small parts with supporting videos, getting the kind of results that you want on your SAT exam has never been easier than it is with Benthall.

Practice Tests Get You Ready for the Big Day

For many people, the ability to test well is just as important as understanding the knowledge and content to be tested on. One of the best ways to help you prepare, if you are not one of those fortunate individuals gifted with the ability to test well, is to get used to the time constraints that you will be subjected to during the SAT test by taking plenty of practice tests before taking the actual SAT. When using the materials provided by Benthall Test Prep, you will have instant access to many different practice tests focusing on all areas of the SAT. In these tests, you will find everything from variations on the math portion to reading, writing, language, and more. Over time, you will become accustomed to what is expected of you and how best to approach the problem presented. Throughout the duration of this course, whether online or in person, you will become beyond prepared and more comfortable on what to expect from your big test day.

Do a Little Legwork on Your Own

When it boils down to it, the biggest way to ensure your success on the SAT test and all coursework is to take ownership of your preparation process. For many people, this can come in the form of developing a dedicated study schedule that allows you to block out adequate time to cover the information presented in a module. Another way to improve your SAT scores is to set a goal for your score. This is important for everyone, both those that have never taken the test before and those looking to improve their previous scores. A goal can be based on everything from college admittance standards to more intrinsic motivators like the pride that comes with meeting a goal. A goal can be a singular number, but it is more realistic when it is based on a range, rather than just a singular number, thus giving you a greater chance of success to meet that goal.

Don’t be Afraid to Take it Again

If you go into the test believing that you only have one chance to score well on the SAT, you are mistaken. If your first score doesn’t meet your goals, scheduling another one and improving your score is simple. However, it should be noted that you should allot yourself adequate time to get the help you need and learn from your previous mistakes before attempting to take the test again. This can be done by incorporating any of the steps listed above and measuring your progress by taking practice tests to give you an accurate and specific tool to measure it by. Once you are ready to take the test again, simply schedule it and prep for the day as you have been doing up to that point.

Identify and Improve on Previous Mistakes

If you are taking the SAT exam again, one of the most important things that you can do is to identify common mistakes that you made on previous attempts. This can be done by thoroughly analyzing your test results and identifying common themes when it comes to incorrect answers for questions. The areas where people tend to make the most mistakes are 1) Not reading the question and answers properly before answering. 2) Errors in time management that result in not answering all questions on the test during the allotted time. 3) Lack of knowledge or understanding to provide an educated answer for a question.

Know and Use Your Strengths

Everyone has different strengths that they can use when studying for and taking the SAT test. Whether that is a strength in a particular area of the test, time management, or any one of a number of other possibilities, it is important to make use of this strength in the best way possible. For some people, that may mean focusing on studying areas that they know they are lacking in to turn that weakness into a strength or even possibly backward planning the end of a particular section and learning how many minutes that you have allotted per question on average so that you know you have plenty of time to finish the test. If you are able to identify strengths and make use of them, as well as turn potential weaknesses into strengths, you are well on your way to improving your SAT score.

Eating Right on Test Day

One of the easiest and best ways to prep for any test or lesson is by feeding your brain and your body on the day of the test. While many people opt for something quick and easy to fill their stomachs, often that can leave you feeling sluggish and reduce your reaction time to questions that may be presented. Better, choose to opt for more nutritious foods, like fruits and whole grains that give you the energy to concentrate for a longer period of time and provide you with both complex and simple carbohydrates that will fuel your mind and body throughout the duration of your test. Be aware that consuming diuretics, such as coffee and energy drinks, may have a negative effect and result in an increased need for bathroom breaks that may reduce the time you have allotted to test.

Be Confident

Being confident is important when it comes to testing well on the SAT. This is just as important the first time as it is subsequent times to improve your overall score. Remember, if you are still having a hard time studying on your own, the SAT professionals at Benthall Test Prep are here to help and give you the confidence and tools to succeed both in person and online. Give us a call or send us a message to learn more about our course offerings and all the ways that we can help you improve your SAT score