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Starting SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2020, Dr. Al Benthall will teach a six-week SAT prep class for students taking the SAT on NOVEMBER 7, 2020. Classes meet on Sundays from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM at Ashton South End, 125 W. Tremont Ave., Charlotte, NC, 28203.
***NOTE – We are currently planning do live in-person classes, subject to local and national COVID-19 safety guidelines. If conditions change, we will move to live online Zoom format. Stay tuned for updates.***

380 point increase

“Dr. Benthall’s SAT prep course is a great investment if you are looking to increase your scores. I took the course once without ever taking an official SAT and the outcome was incredible. With the help of the rigor of Dr. Benthall’s course and his methods, I was able to increase my PSAT score of 1060 to a 1440 for an increase of 380 points over my PSAT. I pride my SAT score on Dr. Benthall’s course and I am more than grateful for the help he has given me in this challenging process. I have recommended multiple people to Dr. B. and will continue to do so."

Adam S.
Myers Park High School
September 2018

250 point increase

"Good morning, Dr. Benthall! -- I took your SAT prep class earlier this year. I came to you with a starting score of a 24 on the ACT, which equates to an 1180 on the SAT. After your class, I decided to take both the SAT and ACT. On the SAT, I made a 1360 and a 32 on the ACT, which equates to a 1430 on the SAT! That means I had an equated SAT score increase of 250 points and a total ACT score increase of 8 points! The time management skills worked phenomenally well. Thank you so much for everything you taught me!"

Caroline K.
Rutherford College High
July 2019

230 point increase

“Hi Dr. Benthall! Just wanted to let you know my SAT score went up 230 points — that’s even higher than my practice SAT we took in class! Thank you so much for everything! I’ve already referred three friends!”

Lindsay O.
South Mecklenburg High
March 2019

The expertise of a private tutor.
The energy of a small class.

With Dr. Al Benthall’s six-week SAT Master Strategies in-person course, you get what you need from a private tutor, along with many remarkable things you can’t get from one-on-one sessions. With classes capped at ten, you’ll be inspired and motivated by working alongside other energetic students with a common goal. The combined results are incredible.

Powerful in-class training meets versatile online support.

In addition to Dr. Benthall’s in-person sessions, you’ll have online access to video explanations for 1540 official SAT practice questions (yes, that’s ten official Practice SATs) as you complete your homework during the week. Like having a personal SAT trainer at your fingertips 24x7.

We don't just tell. We show.

Most SAT prep classes give you information about what you did wrong on questions you miss. And that’s it. SAT Master Strategies, however, goes deeper. Training you to use what you already know, in combination with our exclusive strategies, BTP takes your prep to the next level.

But there’s more. BTP also trains you in Dr. Benthall's unique recursive study method that helps you precisely diagnose your weaknesses and eliminate them as you go. You’ll quickly learn to catalog each question you miss and review challenge areas for a custom fit that gets maximum results in minimal time.

Get started.

SAT Master Strategies Classes
for WINTER / SPRING 2021

Start Date – Sun. Oct. 25, 2020
SAT Date – Sat. Dec. 5, 2020

Start Date – Sun. Jan. 31, 2021
SAT Date – Sat. Mar. 13, 2021

Start Date – Sun. Mar. 21, 2021
SAT Date – Sat. May 8, 2021

Start Date – Sun. Apr. 25, 2021
SAT Date – Sat. Jun. 5, 2021

Here’s what you’ll cover in
SAT Master Strategies Class

SAT Evidence-Based Reading

Addresses "evidence-based questions" on the redesigned SAT. Also breaks down habitual reading barriers and dramatically increases speed and comprehension through time-tested "smart reading" strategies. In addition, students learn how to recognize and resist "trap answers" as well as how to spot correct answers quickly and efficiently.

SAT Writing and Language

Dispels "grammar-phobia" by breaking down SAT grammar into five major components, allowing students to master the mechanics of Standard Written English. Also covers command of evidence, words in context, data analysis, and expression of ideas.

SAT Math

Breaks down SAT Math problems into basic categories and teaches students key strategies for each, including numeric approximation, basksolving, and strategic guessing. Covers both the "No Calculator" and "Calculator" sections of the Redesigned SAT Math Test.

SAT Essay Writing

Tackles the SAT Essay, which requires textual analysis and critical reasoning based on evidence from a given text, boosting each student's ability to craft a top-scoring essay that contains all the essential components. Also boosts students' ability to write clean, powerful sentences, thereby gaining command of the written word. In addition, students look "behind the scenes" at what really matters to essay test-graders, further enhancing their confidence and competitive edge on the SAT Essay.

Real Conditions Practice SAT

Two weeks before the real SAT, students will take a Real Conditions Practice SAT. This "dress rehearsal" uses authentic SAT testing materials from the College Board and replicates the real testing environment as closely as possible, including time constraints. Using our online videos, students are then able to diagnose and master their final "sticking points" before the real SAT.

Test-Taking Strategies that Build Unshakable Confidence

• Overcoming Test Anxiety
• Psychological Preparation
• Time Management
• Strategic Guessing