Dr. Al Benthall

Your SAT & ACT Prep Teacher

Dr. Al Benthall received his PhD in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2002. Having taught numerous courses at colleges and universities in North Carolina, Michigan, and Washington DC, his passion for excellence at the university level eventually led him to become a certified ACT and SAT tutor with a national test preparation company, and to continue his work as a private tutor. Having studied many different approaches to achieving top scores on the SAT, he eventually came to see that strategy and simplification are the keys to cracking the “SAT code.” Dr. Benthall has tutored hundreds of students in Charlotte, NC and the greater Charlotte area, and his strategies now regularly increase students’ scores by over 200 points on the New SAT and over 4.5 points on the ACT.

dr al benthall - sat and act prep teacher