Why You Should Use an SAT Training Program

When the time comes for you to start preparing to take the SAT test, whether you are taking it for the first time or a subsequent time, deciding whether or not to make use of an SAT prep program is a big decision. After all, there are many different things to consider when it comes to whether or not this is the right choice for you. For those that do decide to make use of an SAT test prep program or service, choosing the right one is just as important as deciding whether or not to use it in person. The in-person classes are located at 125 W Tremont Ave Charlotte, North Carolina 28203. At Benthall Test Prep, we offer several different options when it comes to helping you achieve the results that you are looking for in terms of your scores and how you plan to use them when the time comes to apply to your select colleges as well as an experienced instructor and proven methods designed so that people just like you can get the help that they are looking for from an SAT test training program.

What Are Your Goals?

One of the first things you should consider when deciding whether or not to use a SAT training program is what your ultimate goals are regarding your SAT scores. For some people, natural ability and a general understanding of the subject matter on the test are all that it takes to get a minimum passing score to get into college; but for others, a little more work and effort are required. If you’re looking to go beyond standard scores and ascend into the realm of excellent scores, sometimes a little help and guidance is all it takes. However, much of that depends on you and the goals you set. If you’re looking for that guidance and methodology, we at Benthall Test Prep are here to help.

Getting The SAT Scores You Need to Get into Selective Colleges

Getting into colleges with high admittance standards and competitive enrollments requires a little bit extra when it comes to your SAT scores. The higher your scores, the higher the possibility of getting that all-important acceptance letter you’ve been dreaming of throughout high school. So, if you’re looking to increase your SAT scores to the point where they’re likely to increase the odds of your acceptance, an SAT training program is the right option for you.

The Difference Between Initial and Subsequent SAT Tests

For many students across the country, their initial PSAT or SAT is often completed with little to no preparation for the actual test day. For students looking to show up to their initial test more prepared, a good SAT training program is a smart way to hit the ground running with an excellent set of initial scores. While it’s true that some advanced students take the SAT once and receive the score they want, the fact remains that many high-achieving students take the test multiple times to achieve their target scores. Most of these students see a big difference between their initial SAT score and subsequent tests. The secret to massive point gains it simple: start early and create a solid SAT training plan. Many of these high-achieving students start with the PSAT in ninth, tenth, or eleventh grade, using the feedback from the PSAT to prepare for their first real SAT. Other students take multiple real SATs, using each test to gain feedback for improvement. Whether you take the PSAT or an initial SAT, this first test establishes a benchmark and helps you develop an understanding of what is on the test and how the testing process works. In addition, this initial test will show you areas for which you are not adequately prepared. Whether you’ve taken the PSAT, SAT, or have no initial testing experience at all, an SAT training program can accomplish considerable results in as little as six weeks. A good SAT prep program will allow you to increase your scores considerably between initial and subsequent tests. For example, the average score improvement for students in the Benthall Test Prep program is 217 points. If you’re interested in achieving a high first score, or in improving your subsequent score, make the smart investment with an SAT training program.

What Kind of Timeline do You Have to Work With?

One of the major considerations on whether or not to use a SAT training program is understanding the timelines associated with the program and how much actual time you have before you are scheduled to take the SAT. The coursework, whether conducted online or in person from Benthall Test Prep, runs for a period of six weeks. This course schedule allows plenty of time to master the material with confidence and address any areas of weakness that have become apparent when taking practice tests. However, if you don’t have six weeks to work with, you will have to dedicate yourself to an accelerated self study schedule to get the results you desire. And remember, if time is an issue for you, it may be possible to reschedule your test so that your timeline matches the timeline of available SAT training programs.

Return on Investment

Return on investment is something you need to consider when deciding whether or not to make use of a SAT training program . Yes, these programs cost varying amounts of money depending on which delivery format you choose. Online presentation often proves to be the least expensive due to the information already being recorded and digitized prior to you ever taking the course. In-person lectures or courses often cost considerably more due to the need of the instructor to be present and control the overall flow of your course. Whichever format you choose, there is a considerable return on investment for the money you spend, assuming that you choose to invest in a high quality program with proven results. As any college counselor can explain to you, significantly boosting your SAT scores directly enhances not only your chances for college admission, but also the amount of scholarships you may be eligible to receive. While Benthall Test Prep courses range from $297 to $995, reducing your college tuition by thousands of dollars means that your investment was a good one and you are seeing the real-time benefits of it.

How Motivated are You to Succeed?

Some students are self-motivated to succeed at any cost. For these people, little direction is needed to accomplish the kind of SAT scores they desire. Other students find that guidance and direction are necessary. These students may be unsure of what to study or, in some cases, how to study. For such students, the logical flow and structure of a good SAT training program gives them the motivation and clarity they need to reach take their game to the next level. For those individuals not in possession of great motivation, the in-person offering from Benthall Test Prep is a great option, giving you exactly what you need to achieve greater results than you thought possible.

Understanding the Benefit of Experience

When it comes to test prep, experience in learning, and best methods and how they translate to SAT prep, there is no substitute for experience. At Benthall Test Prep, our courses have been developed and are taught by Dr. Al Benthall, who has thousands of hours of experience in helping students and their parents navigate the rigorous SAT and ACT preparation process. As a result, many leading schools and institutions have turned to Benthall Test Prep to train their students and pave the way for future success even beyond the SAT as regards what study practices work best and how to test effectively.

The Benefit of a Proven Course of Study

Sure, there are plenty of places online that offer online SAT training, but what are you really getting for the investment, and are they all created equally? With Benthall Test Prep, you have the benefit of a proven course of study that has helped thousands of students just like you succeed and increase their scores on the SAT. Coursework is laid out in a logical and flowing manner that allows you to learn much more than just the type of information that will be asked of you on the test; you will also learn good study habits, first-rate testing practices, how to deal with test anxiety, and many other methods for achieving the scores you desire. Yes, you could roll the dice and choose any test prep program off the internet, or you could choose the proven winner that boasts an average increase of 217 points on the SAT for students enrolled in the program.

How to Learn More

Now that you’ve decided that using a SAT training program is the right choice for you, we would like to invite you to learn more about Benthall Test Prep and the services and courses that we have to offer. You can simply browse our easy-to-navigate website, subscribe to email updates, or contact us directly. No matter which method of communication you choose, we will respond in a timely manner and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Benthall Test Prep is your source for SAT training in Charlotte, North Carolina and across the country.